Friday, 10. November 2017
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Breaking news about CMC Lancia D50

+++Breaking News+++

CMC is announcing the arrival of its newly-developed CMC Lancia D50 replica   (Item No. M-175) in a few weeks, just in time for the celebrations of Christmas.
Don’t miss out on the chance of acquiring a unique, first-class CMC model. Although market demand for this replica is expected to be high, we are committed to processing your order in a timely fashion and expediting its delivery to you to the best of our ability.
The Lancia D50 has gone down in the history of Grand Prix because of its unique, cutting-edge construction. The famous outlay of two pannier fuel cells, each aligned with the front and rear wheels, speaks volumes about the avant-garde spirit of its chief engineer Vittorio Jano.  Such arrangement remained one of a kind during the time of the D50. But while this ground-breaking feature was never replicated on any other Formula One car, it was adopted years later by one sports car after another in racing. This is why we believe a CMC-made Lancia D50 model belongs in every serious collection of model cars.
In the near future, the CMC Lancia D50 will be joined by another world-famous Formula One racing car, which has a close affinity with the Lancia technically, and it will be released by CMC in 2018.
With these two models – the CMC Lancia D50 and its consanguine "cousin" – joining in your collection, your possession of an important piece of racing history and memory, will be complete, especially in connection with the Formula One tradition and the ground-breaking innovations it represents. Given their potential to be conceived as a set, these two unique and world-class models will take on added value as collector’s items.

With best regards,
CMC Team

For futher information about the model please click the following link.