Handwork is worth it

All models are made in our own factory in China. Each individual component is neatly mounted by hand. Instruments on the dash are mounted separately. Seats are covered either with textile or leather. The floor covering is laid in the interior and in the boot. To finish off, the model is polished by hand so that the lustre is no less than on the original.

CMC members of board in front of the production plant in China.
Well trained hands, mounting a Horch 853, scale 1:12
Inserting of spokes of a wheel rim of the Horch 853. Technical know-how, craftmanship and meticulousness are demanded.
Final assembling activities on the engine of the W 196 R Streamliner. Detailing on the highest possible level.
Rough part of the SLR engine hood with profiled bottom side
Bodyshell work of the SLR front area with engine hood and side parts, hand mounted and made of costly copper plate.