We Build Award-Winning Models

“It looks as if CMC were going to deliver its models with ignition keys and working engines before long – in other words, the level of detailing in this Swabian manufacturer’s models is too realistic to be topped.”

This is how the magazine “Motor Klassik” described our products. For a commendation like this and also the many awards that we have received over the years, we are thankful. It motivates us to persist in what we have been doing, and to match your expectations with every new model to be released in the future.

Premium Award Sammeln 2021

Winner of the category Premium-Brand in Collecting 2021

We are the winners of the Top Brand category in the category Collectables. This is an incentive for us to present you, dear collectors, exciting models in the coming year – we have already seen one or the other prototype and can assure you that we will not disappoint you!