• New pictures from the CMC manufactory

    In our new manufactory, we rely on traditional craftsmanship, the latest technology and the highest quality raw materials.

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  • NEWS from CMC Ferrari 250 GTO
    We have started the delivery!

    We already deliver the first model, Ferrari 250 GTO, Laguna Seca, 2004, #18 with item number M-255. Soon we will also be able to deliver the next model, Ferrari 250 GTO, Winner 1000km Paris, #1 with item number M-254 from stock. Order while stocks last.

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  • Available now

    The last variants of the CMC Alfa-Romeo P3, the model with which Luis Chiron won the 1933 GP Marseille with the starting number 42 (item number M-227), the model with which Luigi Fagioli won the 1933 GP Comminges with the starting number 40 (item number M-228) and the Winner-Set Tazio Nuvolari consisting of 3 models, a driver figurine and a showcase (item number M-229), are available from stock. Therewith the CMC Alfa-Romeo P3 range is complete.

    Some short videos show you how the elaborate production is done. Also watch the inspiring image film about the P3.

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  • Speedholics’ review of CMC Alfa-Romeo P3

    Speedholics, the editorial platform for classic sports car enthusiasts, is thrilled with our latest development. Convince yourself of the extremely detailed and high quality execution of this classic

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  • and the winner is...

    The CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C, 1966 has won the clear overall victory at this year’s DiecastSociety.com awards for the model of the year, as well as the 1st place in the category racing & vintage.

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  • Available now

    The new delivery has arrived, now we can supply you with a 1/18 miniature of the most valuable car in the world, from stock.

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  • Masterpieces with technical sophistication

    The delivery of the CMC Mercedes 600 Landaulet gold/brown M-217 begins. This model is already completely sold out due to pre-orders. But for lovers of the high art of modeling and finest models with sophisticated technical refinements we have good news, the blue version of our masterpiece, the Landaulet with item number M-205,
    we still have available for you.

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  • Form novelty 2024
    Porsche 904 Carrera GTS

    We offer you eight variants of this outstanding German racing car
    from the pen of F.A. Porsche.

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