The CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C and the development history to numerous unusual and outstanding details in the online format SpeedHolics.

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  • Video and photos of the production

    We have insights into the production of the CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C,1966 for you.

    The magazine Caramini is enthusiastic about the CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C and reports impressively how elaborately and meticulously CMC takes care of even the smallest details during the development of their model cars.

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  • A fabulously crafted object

    This is how the online portal TopClassico.com describes
    our Italian beauty, the CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C, 1966

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  • The most valuable car
    of the world

  • Masterpieces with technical sophistication

    The delivery of the CMC Mercedes 600 Landaulet gold/brown M-217 begins. This model is already completely sold out due to pre-orders. But for lovers of the high art of modeling and finest models with sophisticated technical refinements we have good news, the blue version of our masterpiece, the Landaulet with item number M-205,
    we still have available for you.

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  • Here comes the cup winner

    Many thanks to our friends, the CMC Enthusiasts, for the fantastic little video, which shows very impressively the function of the soft top of the CMC Mercedes 600 Landaulet. We could watch the movie a hundred times and have a grin on our face every time – you probably too. The bar in model model building is now once again a little higher.
    The readers of Modellfahrzeug magazine know exactly why they voted this model the Model Vehicle of the Year 2020.

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  • CMC Mercedes 600 Pullman Landaulet

    Caramini is also completely enthusiastic about our model-making skills.

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  • CMC ALFA-ROMEO P3, 1932/33

    We are continuing to step on the gas and have now printed the first prototypes based on our CAD data using the 3D printing process. We’re also happy every time there’s finally something we can touch. It won’t be long before we go metal.

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  • Ready.....Steady.....Go!

    Just click on the button below and you will see all our novelties for 2022.
    Don’t wait too long…

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  • "Butzi’s master piece"

    That’s what the magazine Modell Fahrzeug calls our Porsche masterpiece that will be released in 2023. Convince yourself and read the report.

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