Improvements at the CMC Bartoletti Racing Transporter

Ten years ago, in 2014, we produced the racing transporter for the first time. The structure of the racing transporter was much more complex compared to other 1:18 scale models; double the number of parts and sophisticated workmanship were a major challenge back then.
We have used the progress and experience we have gained over these ten years in the new edition and have further improved it. We are pleased that all our efforts have brought the desired success.

The improvements in detail are:

I. Improvement of the overall appearance:

1. race cars need ramps to get off the ground and onto the truck. In the past, the connection of the suspended rails was a weak point, as they came loose too easily. Now  we have improved the design and tried it out a lot. The result is that the rails can be connected securely and without impact.

2. the silver horizontal trim strip on both sides of the vehicle is very long. Some customers reported that the trim warps over time. We also found that it was not easy to fit this strip, which runs over various components, neatly in a line. Today, we have optimized the mounting method of the trim, which improves the above-mentioned      shortcomings so that the entire silver trim fits neatly and forms a perfect straight line, giving the model with the thin silver line a special elegance.

3. in the first edition, we could not hide the holes for the black fixing pins of the front glass, so these pins were visible through the glass, which detracted from the            aesthetics of the vehicle. This time we have managed to hide these disturbing pins so that the interior of the vehicle appears clear and clean.

4. there was criticism of the glossy red color of the floor covering in the first series. We have changed the color to a matte red that is closer to the original rubber                flooring.

5. the tool cabinets in the wagon were simply painted in the first edition, giving the impression of an inferior plastic product. The new wood grain effect is much closer  to  reality and provides a higher quality appearance.

6. the pedals are now made of slightly thicker material and are no longer sharp-edged.

II. improvement of the functional components:

1. we know that there was criticism of the interlocking ramps in the first series. The connection between two rails was not sufficiently stable and there was always a          small gap. With the improved suspension mechanism, the connection is reliable and now absolutely smooth and step-free.

2. the ramps inserted vertically on both sides tilted slightly when pulled out and pushed in. Small rollers were added so that they now glide much better.

3. thanks to clever ribbing and stiffening, the tensioning strap of the spare tire on the underbody is now also more solid and bends much less easily.

4. the rear upper guardrail was only symbolic in the first edition; now it is attached to more stable yet inconspicuously small hinges and is much easier to swivel.

5. the side doors are now equipped with locking mechanisms that can be locked or opened by moving the locking toggle up and down with the finger, true to the                original.

6 Finally, there is a new function for removing the hub caps on the wheels. The hub caps are turned from brass and have threads with which they can be screwed on or    off. Even more fun for collectors.

Production of the new edition of the CMC Bartoletti racing transporter will start in July 2024 under some challenging conditions. On the one hand, material prices and labor costs are rising, while demand on the national and international market is shrinking, creating uncertainty in production and on the market.

Of course, we want to keep optimizing and improving the quality of our products, but we must not lose sight of the costs. There is less and less room to survive on the market.
CMC promises the market that we will remain true to our principles in terms of quality and execution, no matter how the general environment changes. We will not give up the pursuit of product quality and will continue to implement this pursuit in every product.