CMC Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman “White Swan” – videos of the production

The CMC-MB 600 Pullman series (itemized as M-200 upto M-218) is one of the most challenging projects for CMC in terms of processing complication and difficulty. Since there is a structural affinity among the variat editions of the 600 Pullman, the challeng persists throughout the entire course of manufacturing. We are using M-215 as an example to illustrate the time-consuming handicraftsmanship rendered in production. Together with the premium materials that go into the making of parts, this adds considerably to the value of the model as a collectible.

Polishing and tidying up, use of Glasurite orignial paint, harmonious finish

Before the model is packed, it is tidied up and manually polished to a high gloss. The paint used on a CMC model comes from the German premium manufacturer Glasurit under the brand-name of BASF, and the same paints are adopted by the manufacturers of original vehicles. In this way, CMC makes sure that its replicas have a most perfect and harmonious finish, and that its replication is as true of the original as possible. CMC models belong in a class that stands out all by itself.


Ornate decoration with chromed elements

A very important feature of the Mercedes 600 Pullman is its lavish use of chromed elements, which gives the vehicle a distinguishing character. Our model follows the footsteps of  the original in this regard. Take the wheel arches of the 600 Pullman for instance. They have shiny chromed strips framing the curved edges. The same is true of our models, in which the framing strips are made of metal, manually sanded and polished before they are chrome-plated to acquire a brilliant shine that matches the original.


Assemblyn of the windscreen wipers

The wiper is composed of sophisticated tine parts and manually assembled and aligned.

Wheels, windshield wipers, and door locks

a. For the smooth running of wheels, ball bearings are adopted. The axles are checked and tuned before wheels are mounted on them, each being connected to the axle  with five        screws.

b. The windscreen wiper is not a one-piece resin casting, but composed of such fine individual parts as the metal wiper arm, rubber blade, and base rotary, etc.

c. Attention to detail sets CMC apart from other marques conspicuously.Take the door lock for example. CMC does not mark it graphically or symbolically, but endeavors to capture its fine details with sheet-metal parts.


Comprehensive inspection of the major replica components before the general assembly

Before a body shell is mounted on a rolling chasssis, a comprehensive inspection is conducted of the functional and ancillary parts of both to ensure that they are free of defect for the final assembly, as in the factory of automobiles.

Installation of the Mercedes-Benz Star

The last step of the Pullman Limosine assembly line is to install the Mercedes -Benz Star atop the grille.

A lot of adjustment is involved in the assemby, alighnment, and spacing of the six doors, and it is all done by the hand

The installation of six doors is reminiscent of the challenge of alighnment in the restoration of a vintage car. Each door must be meticulously adjusted and readjusted so that it becomes a perfect part of the multi-door assembly. Even the door hinges are carefully adjusted so that upon closing, the door clicks as in the original vehicle.


Tweezers are used in picking up tiny parts that constitute the inside panel of the door

The door is an amalgamation of many parts put together by the hand. You can see the parts here – those made of different materials and those produced by diverse processes, such as die-castings, resin castings, and photo-etched sheets. All this is meant to maximize the authenticity of replication. To this end, CMC models have their seats made of real leather with very fine presentation of details in their upholstery.


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