CMC Mercedes-Benz 600 Pullman – effort, passion and details 2

After a year-long engagement in producing the Mercedes-Benz 600 series, we came to realize that this is one of the most difficult projects that CMC has ever done. Apart from the multiple challenges imposed by the replication of an elongated car body that is known for its grandeur and splendour, there were also minute details that taxed our brains and wisdom. Here is another one.


Mercedes-Benz 600 limousines tend to be owned by or used to serve celebrities and dignitaries like state heads. Their outings are typically accompanied by the vehicle displaying national flags or unique pendants. Naturally, the CMC-made replica is outfitted with flagpoles.

Stainless-steel flagpole and base

1. Flagpole Made Of Five Parts

2. A Fine Head Atop The Flagpole

Internal threads are cut inside the hole of the base.

3. Drilling A Hole In The Base

Assemble the Flagpole in the base

The installation of the flagpole unit involves drilling a hole in the car body. This is assigned to a most skillful worker to do, for even slight slippery of the drill is likely to scrap the car body as junk!

6. Drilling A Hole In The Car Body

Installing the flagpole unit