Video and photos of the production CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C,1966

We made a video and some photos of the manufacturing of the CMC Ferrari 275 GTB/C and we are glad to have the opportunity to give our collectors a look at our production, to understand more about our quality requirements and how those requirements translated into production.

In the video we show you how the body-in-white is sanded and screwed. The joints are filled and sanded. Assembly of the door. Side chrome trim and lettering are attached, and the turn signal including chrome trim ring is mounted. The door trim strips are fitted. The side window and triangular window are assembled. Axle parts and assembly are shown. These steps are only a fraction of what makes a CMC model so unique and special!

Finished radiator grille

Prepare body for painting

Ready for painting

Materials for the chassis

Montage des Chassis

Assembled chassis