• Masterpieces with technical sophistication

    The delivery of the CMC Mercedes 600 Landaulet gold/brown M-217 begins. This model is already completely sold out due to pre-orders. But for lovers of the high art of modeling and finest models with sophisticated technical refinements we have good news, the blue version of our masterpiece, the Landaulet with item number M-205,
    we still have available for you.

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  • CMC Mercedes 600 Pullman Landaulet

    This the German magazine ‘Caramini’ writes about our lates model car.
    Caramini is completely enthusiastic!

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  • Double award winner

    We are very pleased to have won two of the very famous prizes in this year’s election model car of the year from the German Modellfahrzeug magazine.

    With our CMC Mercedes SSK Trossi ´Black Prince´ we could decide the category 1/18 classic for us. It was precisely this model with which we successfully laid the foundation stone for our brand over 25 years ago and it is precisely this model that is obviously very popular with collectors.

    Finally, and we are particularly proud of this, we are the winners of the Top Brand category in the category Collectables. This is an incentive for us to present you, dear collectors, exciting models in the coming year – we have already seen one or the other prototype and can assure you that we will not disappoint you!

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  • Video of the closing soft top

    Many thanks to our friends, the CMC Enthusiasts, for the fantastic little video, which shows very impressively the function of the soft top of the CMC Mercedes 600 Landaulet. We could watch the movie a hundred times and have a grin on our face every time – you probably too. The bar in model model building is now once again a little higher.

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  • CMC ALFA-ROMEO P3, 1932/33

    We are working under high pressure on the development of the CMC Alfa-Romeo 3P models.The birthday of Louis Chiron (3.8.1899), we take as an opportunity to give you a first small insight on the corresponding 3D CAD data.

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  • CMC Mercedes 600 Pullman

    That powerful and rich people of this world succumbed and still succumb to the charm of the Mercedes 600 Pullman is quite understandable in view of the class and absolute special position of this vehicle. But that there are 21 of these vehicles in the possession of Mohammed Ben Sulayem makes us speechless – and we are especially proud that the 22nd Mercedes 600 Pullman in his collection comes from us. For this almost fanatical enthusiast, a sense of quality and craftsmanship is not a question of size.

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    The magazine Modellfahrzeug reports on the great challenges that CMC has faced with and, of course, mastered them in the end.

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