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Christmas Time – Gift Time

Would you like to surprise a special person or a model car collector?

Especially during the Christmas season, special people who are close to our hearts should be given special gifts. You are perhaps already on the hunt for an unusual, special gift?

We are able to help you!

The CMC GmbH & Co. KG offers from today extraordinary models for sale. Let yourself be inspired by our specially selected model. The CMC Santa Claus has selected them with a lot of care and know-how.

Put an end to your search and react quickly to our campaign, as only a small number of models is available! Delivery will take place while stocks last.
You can order via our online shop, find the special models via the below link

Link to the Cristmas special models

P.S. Don’t forget to think about yourself too, maybe you will find a long awaited model.
All orders are subject to the seller’s terms and conditions. Prices, delivery possibility and delivery dates are subject to change.

Delivery only while stocks last.
We request payment in advance. All prices in € incl. VAT and shipping (within EU). Outside EU 8.- € shipping costs.

No products found which match your selection.

List of the selected models:

Item No.ModelScaleColorSingle partsRelease dateImagePrice
M-034ACMC Auto-Union Type C, 1936/37 #5 – Limited Edition 1000 pcs. –1:18silver10262004SOLD OUT
M-051CMC Maserati 250F, 19571:18red13872005382.-
M-052CMC Mercedes-Benz W125, 1937 # 12, „Caracciola“ – Limited Edition 3000 pcs. –1:18silver9002005268.-
M-053CMC Auto Union Type C, 1936/37  Hill Climb Version – Limited Edition 1500 pcs. –1:18silver10262007349.-
M-057CMC Mercedes-Benz W196R, 1954/55 – Limited Edition 4000 pcs. –1:18silver11002006268.-
M-058CMC Mercedes-Benz 300SL, 1952 – Limited Edition 3000 pcs. –1:18silver2502006258.-
M-061CMC Maserati Birdcage,1960,Signed by Stirling Moss – Limited Edition 600 pcs. –1:18white11402007523,-
M-064CMC Maserati 250F Fangio,1957 – Limited Edition 5000 pcs. –1:18red13872005399.-
M-065CMC Mercedes-Benz W25, 1934 – Limited Edition 3000 pcs. –1:18white6102012258.-
M-067CMC Porsche 901 Coupé, 19641:18bali blue9712008319.-
M-067ACMC Porsche 901 Coupé, 1964 – Limited Edition 5000 pcs. –1:18champagne yellow9712008319.-
M-067BCMC Porsche 901 Coupé, 1964 – Limited Edition 5000 pcs. –1:18irish green9712008319.-
M-067DCMC Porsche 901 Coupé, 1964 – Limited Edition 5000 pcs. –1:18sky blue9712008319.-
M-073CMC Auto Union Type C, 1936#4 – Limited Edition 5000 pcs. –1:18silver10262008316.-
M-082CMC Mercedes-Benz SSKL ,1931 GP Germany #8 „Caracciola“ – Limited Edition 4000 pcs. –1:18white13872012399.-
M-087CMC Mercedes-Benz SSKL,1931 anniversary model 15 years CMC – Limited Edition 2000 pcs. –1:18unpainted13872012SOLD OUT
M-088CMC Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR ,1955 Uhlenhaut Coupé – Limited Edition 4000 pcs. –1:18silver18172011SOLD OUT
M-089CMC Auto Union Type D,1938/39 GP France 1939, #12 – Limited Edition 1500 pcs. –1:18silver6802002249.-
M-090CMC Auto Union Typ D, 1938/39 GP Frankreich , #14 – Limited Edition 1500 pcs. –1:18silver6802002249.-
M-108CMC Maserati 300S 1958  Start.Nr. #1, 24H France – Limited Edition 3000 pcs. –1:18red19262013499.-
M-117CMC Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR ,1955  Mille Miglia #658 Fangio – Limited Edition 2000 pcs. –1:18silver15002013399.-
M-118CMC Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR , 1955 Mille Miglia #701 Kling – Limited Edition 2000 pcs. –1:18silver15002013399.-
M-149CMC Maserati Tipo Birdcage Signaturversion Moss – Limited Edition 500 pcs. –1:18white11402015699.-